WEEKDAY SHOWCASE: Belk Charity Sale; shoppers give to non-profits, get a discount coupon

WEEKDAY SHOWCASE: Belk Charity Sale November 13-15
Non-profits can register online at Belk.com to be a part of the Charity Sale. As a shopper, you can support those non-profits and take advantage of special sales at the same time.

This Weekday Showcase is Thursday, November 12, 2020, at 12:55 pm on ABC11.

Belk is having a Charity Sale, aiming to "support our communities when they need us most".


- Visit belk.com/charity

- Give at least $5 to a charity of choice -- they receive 100% of your donation

- Belk will email you a $10 off Charity Sale coupon

- Shop the Charity Sale Friday, November 13th through Sunday, November 15th, in stores and online


Non-profits can register online at https://belk.donately.com/signup.html.