Raleigh plastic surgeon offers unique reconstruction technique for breast cancer patients

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October 16th is Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day.
RALEIGH (WTVD) -- When Coco Rosenblatt-Farrell, 52, of Durham, got a breast cancer diagnosis in April, she feared for the worst.

"There would be times when I would feel scared and be, 'am I going to die now?'" Rosenblatt-Farrell said. "'Is this the end for me?' and I would have emotions coming up."

With the support of her husband, Noah, and 21-year-old child, Tehila, Coco decided to undergo a double mastectomy and the "Zenn Delay."

Dr. Michael Zenn, of Zenn Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, said his technique is unique.

Women undergo the breast reconstruction procedure two weeks after getting a mastectomy.

"It turns out if we can wait two weeks, place an implant in two weeks, the skin is already stronger," Dr. Zenn said. "It actually accepts the reconstruction better and women are done in two weeks."

Dr. Zenn said he places the implants above the muscle instead of the traditional method where the skin is stretched for two to three months, then the implants placed below the muscle.

"In 25 years of doing this, and I consider myself an expert in breast surgery, the best results I've seen," said Dr. Zenn, who added that almost every patient would benefit from the "Zenn Delay."

"My goal, ultimately, is that they can turn the page, forget they've had this happen and move on with their lives, and not have any complications or problems over time that'll keep reminding them of their cancer diagnosis," Dr. Zenn said.

Rosenblatt-Farrell said she surrounded herself with a circle of love while battling breast cancer and is healing well. She said she is amazed with the results of the "Zenn Delay."

"It looks like my body," Rosenblatt-Farrell said. "It just looks like my body about 30 years ago."
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