Iconic store Briggs Hardware store moves to Emerald Isle after 155 years in Raleigh

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
Briggs Hardware closing after 155 years in Raleigh
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Briggs Hardware is closing after 155 years in Raleigh.

EMERALD ISLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- After 155 years in Raleigh, the iconic Briggs Hardware store has found a new home on the North Carolina coast.

'Kind of surreal:' Briggs Hardware closing after 155 years in Raleigh

The family-owned store opened its new Emerald Isle location in the Emerald Plantation Shopping Center this weekend.

Briggs closed the Raleigh location in late July.

Owner Evelyn Davis said it was a tough decision to move the store but felt it was unsafe to own a local business in downtown Raleigh amid recent protests.

'I don't feel safe:' Raleigh business owner may pull plug on downtown retail icon Briggs Hardware

"And knowing that the police were told to stand down, I no longer felt safe anymore," Davis told ABC-affiliate WCTI."And, because I went public with that statement, my landlord decided he would not renew my lease. Not knowing what I would do, I packed it all up and came to Emerald Isle. I've been in Emerald Isle for the past four summers, and now I can call it home.

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