More than 40 state-owned vehicles in Raleigh vandalized

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Friday, October 10, 2014
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Police say this man is their suspect.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- State Capitol Police say they have very good video as they try to track down the person who allegedly vandalized more than 40 state-owned vehicles within the past month.

Capitol Police say the video shows a trucker buying gas with a state credit card, but Friday they decided not to release it. Police said they already had plenty of good leads, and releasing more information wouldn't be "prudent."

The leads arrived after pictures were released to the media. The pictures show a man suspected of using a state credit card, and apparently it isn't the only credit card stolen from inside state vehicles.

Capitol Police say more than 40 cars were broken into within the past month. Some were also vandalized and even burned. All of the state-owned vehicles were parked at Department of Public Safety facilities around Raleigh.

The credit card thefts alone have resulted in the illegal purchase of more than $16,000 in gasoline.

But to use the credit cards, apparently someone would have to have a 'pin' number, and that opens the door to many other questions.

The state has taken steps to make sure credit cards are no longer left in cars and the cards that were stolen have been cancelled.

The problem is some cars were broken into over the weekend and not discovered until Monday, so the thieves had a day or two to use cards before they were cancelled.

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