Woman robbed and violently dragged for $400 at Texas gas station

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Thursday, March 8, 2018
Dragged for purse
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Surveillance video captures a woman being dragged across a store floor as man tries to steal her purse.

ARCOLA, Texas -- Police in Arcola are trying to find a man who was caught on camera in a violent robbery at a convenience store.

The video shows a man walk in and ask for change. Quickly, things turned violent.

You can see the suspect approach a woman playing a game. He walked to the store counter and then back to the woman.

After a brief exchange, he grabbed the woman's purse. She grabbed onto it and held on.

The two struggled and the man pulled the woman off the chair.

The video shows the woman on the floor but still fighting back, kicking at the suspect.

Police said he was able to steal $400 from her purse.

As the man ran out, the victim got up and chased him into the parking lot.

Investigators said the woman even pounded on the suspect's car but the man drove off.