Dog hit by car in Knightdale, surrendered by owners needs help

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A dog hit by a car in Wake County is in need of the public's help.

Someone hit "JC"-- who is believed to be a boxer mix -- in Knightdale Monday.

JC's pelvis is broken and he will need his back left leg amputated.

"The previous owners now brought him in today to the vet today," said Nicole Kinkaid, program director at Cause for Paws of North Carolina. "They couldn't afford the care for him so they surrendered him knowing there was a chance he could be euthanized."

Wake Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care called Kinkaid realizing he could be all right.

Cause for Paws focuses on unwanted cats and dogs.

"Wake Vet Hospital advocated for him," Kinkaid said. "We thank them for that because he's a sweet little guy. We've adopted out many, many tripods within the rescue and they are amazing - my tripod at my house runs faster than some of my four legged ones."

JC's surgery and after care is at minimum $1,500 but Kinkaid said that could rise to $2,500.

"Unfortunately it's not an isolated issue," she said. "We get dogs in rough condition all the time, we get asked from shelters and vets all of that for us to take in dogs that need special care. We need more people to spay and neuter and take better care of their pets."

If you want to help JC out, you can donate to Cause for Paws or call the Wake Veterinary Hospital directly.
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