Make others smile on Cheer Up the Lonely Day

ByCarrie Grace via WTVD logo
Thursday, July 12, 2018
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Cheer Up the Lonely Day aims to spread awareness about the damaging effects of loneliness.

A Cure For a Bad Day:

Do you need a pick-me-upper? There is a beautiful quote that says we rise by lifting one another up. Some days you may feel down in the dumps or feeling sorry for your circumstances. The best cure to get rid of feeling blue is doing something kind for another person. This is a sure way to turn around someone else's day while also putting a smile on your own face!

I decided that I would spend a Sunday afternoon sprinkling some joy throughout Raleigh. I bought some beautiful flowers at the grocery store and wrapped them up with ribbon and wrapping paper. It was a super inexpensive gift to create, but I knew it would spread joy to others.

A friend and I hopped in the car and went off to deliver the goodies via drive-thru windows of local fast food chains. I was both amazed and surprised by the reactions of each recipient. They were taken back because how rare is it that we do something kind for someone serving us?! They all had huge smiles on their faces, were totally caught off guard, and told us that we had made their day. It was super easy, relatively inexpensive, and only about 45 minutes of our whole day, and we were able to put smiles on tons of faces that afternoon!

Looking for more ways to spread kindness and joy?!

10 easy ways to brighten someone's day:

1. Leave a note for your mailman

2. Bake cookies for your neighbor

3. Offer to watch your friends's kids so they can have an afternoon to themselves

4. Write a note and leave it on a windshield

5. Pass out balloons in a shopping mall parking lot

6. High Five people on a running trail

7. Ask a cashier how their day is going

8. Smile at people as you pass them on sidewalk

9. Let someone cut you in line at grocery store

10. Give a stranger a compliment