Wisconsin elementary school teacher saves student choking on almonds

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Teacher saves student choking on almonds
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MOMA BEAR MODE: This elementary school teacher said her instincts kicked in when she saw her student in trouble.

HOLMEN, WI (WTVD) -- An elementary school teacher in Holmen, Wisconsin, saved the life of a student who was choking.

"It was just scary and everything when I choked," Bryson Moe said.

Moe was eating almonds when he quickly recognized something was wrong.

His teacher Samantha Wais jumped into action immediately.

"I just feel like my mama bear teacher mode kicked in. I just turned him around and started doing the Heimlich. It just was like an instinct," Wais said.

Wais said you never know when something like this may happen, which is why she said it's so crucial to pay attention and retain any sort of emergency training.

"She saved my life," Moe said.

The-CNN-Wire contributed to this report.