Spanish Christmas tree covered in jewels valued at $15 million

ESTEPONA, SPAIN (WTVD) -- Candy canes and plastic bulbs just wouldn't do for one hotel Christmas tree in Spain.

The Kempinksi Hotel Bahia, which is located east of the Strait of Gibraltar on the Alboran Sea, has one fancy Christmas tree in the lobby.

The tree designed by by Debbie Wingham is decorated with 3 carat pink diamonds, 4 carat sapphires, oval red diamonds and black and white diamonds.

The tree also features unique martini glasses, feathers, perfume bottles and 3D printed chocolate peacocks.

All told, the tree is estimated to be worth a staggering $15 million.

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia is not the first to go high-end for the holidays.

In 2010, The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi covered a tree in $11 million worth of bracelets, necklaces and watches earning it the Guinness World Record for most expensively decorated tree.
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