'Changed my life overnight': Viral social post helps college student find Wake County birth family

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Friday, December 2, 2022
Viral social post helps college student find Wake County birth family
College student Lydia MacNair was adopted a few days after she was born and took to social media to find her birth mom and biological family.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Lydia MacNair was adopted a few days after she was born, and had a strong desire to find her birth mom and biological family after turning 18 years old.

Last Friday, she took her search to social media posting her baby picture with only her mom's first name, Demonica, and the belief she was from north Raleigh, hoping someone would recognize her.

"Social media now has the ability to find anybody. So, I was like, you know, let me just see if it works," said MacNair.

It did work. Someone recognized the picture and name, contacted her birth mother, who then contacted Macnair's biological sister, Vivian Thorpe.

"I was at home and my mom called me and she was like, somebody, DM me, did you give someone away for adoption? And I was like, that's strange. So, then she was like, Wait, there's a name under it. And so I was like, what's the name? So I typed in Lydia's name, and then I found her post. And the baby picture that she posted is hung up in our grandma's living room," explained Thorpe.

It turned out MacNair wasn't the only person searching. Thorpe was also looking for MacNair, but under a different name.

"That's the only piece of the puzzle that I had to find her. And the crazy thing is, I tried looking for her for years, but her name was Michelle. So, I'm looking for Michelle, and I would have never found her without that post," Thorpe added.

Ten hours after the initial post, Macnair was connected with her sister, and they had plans to see each other the next day. MacNair, who is a college student in New Orleans, was home in Asheville for Thanksgiving Break, and Thorpe, who lives in Knightdale, made the three-hour drive.

"I couldn't wait for her to get out of the car. And then when we just hugged for the first time, like, it just felt like everything. Everything came together. And I really felt like the missing piece in my life," Macnair described.

"When I hugged her, it was just like a dream. Like someone was going to wake me up. And this was not going to be real. I waited my whole life to have a best friend. Now, I have a best friend and sister," Thorpe echoed.

During their first meet up, the sisters also found out they have a lot in common, from the way they talk to wearing an identical heart necklace.

"Our lives were totally similar, just an alternate universe. So, it's talking to someone that's been through the exact thing. The same things you went through, and they understand. It feels really good," Thorpe said.

The two said what's even better is the bond they're forming, which was 20 years in the making.

"We missed 20 years and it's just like, wow, I have a sister like a baby sister. I'm a big sister now," Thorpe continued.

Macnair who is typically a shy and reserved person said she's glad she opened up and shared her story on social media.

"Just taking a chance on social media, because it really changed my life overnight," she said.

The sisters said there's a lot of curiosity surrounding why Macnair was adopted, but they said it's a part of their mom's journey and her story to tell.

Macnair will meet the rest of her birth family in December.