Comcast customer gets put on hold for three hours until office closes

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
Spain showing on his phone how long he's been on hold with Comcast.
Aaron Spain / YouTube

After one Comcast customer service representative's desperate plea for a customer to reconsider went viral, Comcast became the subject of much media scrutiny. But another Comcast call gone wrong is making the viral rounds once again.

Uploaded by YouTube user Aaron Spain, the video depicts Spain who has supposedly been waiting on hold for three hours so a Comcast representative may cancel his service. But Spain grows increasingly frustrated, and attempts using another cell phone to reach Comcast The second call gets through, and after navigating through some menus and promotional offers, Spain finds out that Comcast is in fact closed, with his first phone call still waiting on hold.

The video suggests that Spain did in fact make his call before business hours ended.

Comcast has provided the following statement on the incident:

"Under no circumstances is this the experience we want our customers to have. Our goal is to be respectful of our customers' time and fix any issues the first time. We take this very seriously, and after investigating Mr. Spain's situation, we want to apologize to him and acknowledge that his experience was completely unacceptable."