Feeding an Army: Paratroopers away from family feast on Fort Bragg

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Operation Compassion in full swing in Cumberland County
Operation Compassion is in full swing in Cumberland County.

There were more than a few cooks in the kitchen on Fort Bragg Tuesday afternoon but unlike the popular saying, the chefs were all working together to feed an army.

"Everybody is in their element. You know it's like when you're on a sports team and you and your teammates are about to win a game. We look at it like it's a game and we're playing for keeps," said SSG Keyion Pope.

"We look at it; you can't fight on an empty stomach," Pope added.

Instead of fighting, the troops feasted on everything from turkey, prime rib, macaroni and cheese and green beans.

Many soldiers weren't able to get home for the holidays but the family feeling was still there at the DFAC.

"It's like a brother and sisterhood. Regardless of me being away from my family, I still feel like I got another family, "said SPC James Simon.

What's dinner without a show? The theme at the Panther Brigade DFAC was superheroes: Marvel vs. DC.

"I thought I would come down and find some of the guys I work with and see if they're being real heroes," said one soldier dressed as Deadpool.