Toilet paper is available, you just may need to look in smaller, local stores

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- The supplies of toilet paper filling store shelves we showed you Wednesday weren't part of a mirage! We found some places that have plenty for sale, and they're not your standard national chain grocery stores.

Our first stop: Tienda La Roca in Cary. That's where store clerk Paula Contreras directed us down a narrow aisle to a display of more than 20 individual rolls of brand name TP.

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What's the price?

"For a roll? It's 92 cents," she said. When we asked about a purchase limit she said, "Two per person."

Across county lines, on Durham's Main Street near Duke University there's a "We Have Toilet Paper" sign posted at the curb in front of Not Just Paper.

"We're a local company. We've been in business for almost a hundred years," said Steve Paschall, who when asked for consumer advice that we could share with you smiled and said: "Buy as much as you need, don't buy more than you need. Because if you buy as much as you need, there'll be enough for everybody."

You can also find some at Family Fare gas stations, while supplies last. But prepare yourself to go TP hunting in more than one location.

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"Because of the demand, people are over-ordering," said paper product distributor Mercer Stanfield. "Demand is up an incredible amount and that makes it hard for the manufacturers to keep up."

Bottom line, adjust your focus and consider some non-traditional places for toilet paper. You may find that what you need is closer than you think, especially when you spend a little time getting to know the staff at smaller stores.
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