KN95, N95 masks can be worn safely for up to 5 days, public health officials say

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Administrators at Duke and Wake County Public Health say N95s and KN95s can be worn for five days in a row.

However, between uses, experts advise storing that mask in a paper bag. This will allow any moisture or germs to evaporate.

They do not recommend heating and steaming your mask, or cleaning your mask and paper bag with disinfectant.

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Health leaders want us to have multiple N95s or K95s to use in rotation.

"You can reuse them until they are visibly dirty or damaged or if they become difficult to breathe through then you want to change them," said Nicole Greeson, associate director for the Occupational and Environmental Safety Office at Duke University.

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Experts say sanitize your hands before and after taking the mask off.

More helpful information is available online.
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