Wake County family gets emotional video reunion with loved ones in Cuba

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016
An emotional video reunion for a Cuban family
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ABC11 and Steve Daniels help bring a special delivery full circle for the Leyva family, split between NC and Cuba.

MORRISVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- Our ABC11 video from Cuba is bringing Janet and Roberto Leyva a lot of joy.

"This is the best Christmas present that I have, because at least I can see them through the video," Janet Leyva said. "It's really nice."

Our ABC11 video shows Janet Leyva's parents, Josefina and Miguel, at home in Havana.

"The house looks totally different than when I was living there," Leyva said.

The Leyvas moved to Wake County 15 years ago, but their hearts are still in Havana.

Last week, we made the journey in a taxi, driving through small towns on the outskirts of Havana, to Janet's parents' house on a farm.


We had a special delivery, directly from Janet in North Carolina: her parents' favorite kind of coffee.

It's clear, the long distance between Cuba and North Carolina is just as hard for her parents.

"They miss me a lot. And I know that," Leyva said. "And I miss them a lot too."

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Images from ABC11 in Cuba.
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To blunt her sadness, Janet reflects on the reasons why she moved to North Carolina to raise her Cuban-born children, including having the means to send money to Cuba to help their relatives live a better life.

"I wish I can be there with them, but I have to be here too, so I can help them," Leyva said.

She's hoping she can get permission from the Cuban government to bring her parents here for a visit next year.

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