Are you being cyberstalked? New ways to track them

Many of us admit social media is used for much more than just sharing a status update or a news headline.

For some, social accounts can be a quick and easy way to take a peek into someone's life, whether it is someone you just met, an ex-partner or spouse, or a former acquaintance.

"I don't like when people do it to me, and I want to know when someone is doing it to me, but I'm guilty of doing it myself," said Wake County mom Sonya Coley.

Coley doesn't post a lot to her social accounts because she knows it is just too easy for someone to piece together a lot of her private information, including when she is out of town.

In fact, attorneys say there is an increase in cyberstalking charges, and in civil and domestic cases, evidence gathered from social media accounts are being used in court more often.

Cyberstalking charges must come with a tough burden of proof, right? But what do you do about the silent stalkers who may be creeping or viewing your profile without you ever knowing it?

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While sites like Snapchat or Linkedin let you know who viewed your profile, picture, or updates, others like Facebook or Twitter do not make the analytics available.

That's why there is a growing trend of using apps that unlock that data, allowing you to see who is quietly watching your accounts.

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of those apps, including:

These applications are created to let you see who may be watching your social accounts a little too closely.

"They (stalkers) are getting smarter," explained Stealz App CTO Brant Elliot. "As far as those apps being 100 percent accurate, I would say it's not the case, but they are definitely getting smarter and they are definitely showing more info that's relative to you."
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