Can't afford love: Survey finds 1 in 3 Millennials think dating costs too much

Dating is too expensive or so Millennials think.

A new survey by the dating site Match reveals that 30 percent of Millennials feel their financial situation is holding them back from pursuing a relationship.

Student debt and rising living costs, coupled with stagnant wages in America, have caused a third of young professionals to believe they cannot afford love.

According to USAToday, dating rituals have also changed--and become more expensive. First dates, which used to be casual meet-and-greets, have now turned into a larger, more important event that happens later in the relationship cycle.

In addition to the 30 percent of Millennials who feel their financial situation kept them from pursuing a relationship, 22 percent of singles said a potential partner's financial situation has held them back from pursuing a relationship with them.

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