Woman dead after fiery car crash; Good Samaritans pull driver from burning car in Fayetteville

ByMonique John WTVD logo
Monday, September 5, 2022
People stop, pull driver from car after fiery crash
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A heroic moment as people stopped to help a person get out of a burning car after a crash involving an alleged DUI driver.

A woman is dead after a fiery crash involving three cars in Fayetteville, according to police. Police also say the driver responsible for the crash is facing possible DWI charges.

The accident happened on South Reilly Road near Northumberland Street just after 8 PM on Sunday.

On Monday, the crash site was still littered with broken glass, car pieces and clothes from one of the drivers involved next to a small memorial.

Fayetteville police said Travis Greene hit the back of another car, then crossed the median, and hit Bernie and Angela Thomas' car head-on. Moments later, Greene's car burst into flames.

Leigh Ann Manuel says she was riding in a car with her husband behind Greene's car and saw the whole thing unfold. Manuel then quickly jumped out and with the help of another onlooker, pulled Greene out of his vehicle before it was engulfed in the fire.

"I just saw something happening and said let's go get it and figure out what's going on. I don't work in a field where I deal with a lot of crisis a lot of times, but I do know how to deal with crisis when that time occurs."

Cory White was the other onlooker who helped pull Greene out of his car. White says that to him and his friends, jumping into help was simply the right thing to do.

"I would want somebody to do the same for me," White said. "Just seeing that, we would want someone to check on us if it was us. I mean, it's like, instinct. Like, you want to make sure that the next person is going to be okay."

Manuel says there is a powerful lesson to be learned from the tragedy.

"Hopefully people will just know that if they're enjoying the holiday and drinking that they can put their keys down somewhere and stay where they're at--at least until they're sober enough to drive. Or just don't drive at all."

Sadly, Angela Thomas died of her injuries at Cape Fear Valley Hospital, police confirm.