Delivery and rideshare drivers struggle with rising cost of gas

Thursday, March 10, 2022
Delivery and rideshare drivers struggle with rising cost of gas
Delivery drivers want an increase in their pay as the cost of fuel skyrockets.

FAYETTEVILLE N.C. (WTVD) -- Erika Haynes from Fayetteville uses her 2014 Hyundai to deliver food for Door Dash.

But now that gas is more than $4 per gallon, and the mother four says she now pays $50 to fill up her tank.

"Yesterday I was out for four hours and only made $40. That not even close to what I would make on a normal," Haynes said. For a week I would get at least $400 on a good day."

It's a sign more customers are saving their money. Haynes, a substitute teacher questions whether she should, too.

"Yesterday, I ended up getting a $12 tip and it was because of the gas prices, and I appreciated that. Others will tip a dollar or be funny and tip .25 cents," said Haynes.

At Checkers Pizza off Lake Wheeler Road in Raleigh, a worker told ABC11 off camera they may increase their $2 delivery fee if gas continues to rise.

US sanctions on Russian oil have driven up demand and fuel prices already steadily rising during Joe Biden's first year in the White House.

Delivery drivers told ABC11 that they want an increase in their pay.

An Uber Eats driver said that before the prices shot up, they could make $150 a day during peak lunch and dinner.

Last week, they made less than $30 after working more than 3 hours.

A Door Dash driver said that on Tuesday, which would normally be a busy day, they made just $10 in two hours off one order.

Haynes says the whole situation is agitating.

"Door Dash is a million-dollar company. They can afford to pay their contractors more," she said.

A petition on is demanding Door Dash raise their base pay rate of $2.50.

Door Dash released a statement on Wednesday saying "We are proud to provide Dashers with access to discounts on gas and other car maintenance to help them maximize their earnings, including 2% cash back on gas at any station for discounts available for all Dashers."

Haynes said some drivers say those methods can be difficult to use. She recommends the company provide drivers with prepaid gas cards.