Democrat debate 2019: Gillibrand presses Biden on tax credit for working parents

DETROIT -- New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand blasted former Vice President Joe Biden for once opposing a decades-old tax credit for working mothers and fathers during Wednesday night's Democratic debate.

Gillibrand suggested that meant that Biden opposed women working outside the home.

Biden responded, "That was a long time ago." He said he now supports an $8,000 tax credit for working families.

Gillibrand kept pressing, prompting Biden to note that she had previously traveled with him to promote his work supporting equal pay for women.

Biden added of Gillibrand's seeming change of heart, "I don't know what's happening except that you're now running for president."

Gillibrand said, "I respect you deeply." But she was asking if Biden believed there was a problem with women working outside the home. Biden said, "I never believed it."
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