Fort Bragg military families cope with ongoing deployments to Europe

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- As the war in Ukraine moves into its second week, Fort Bragg soldiers deployed in nearby eastern European countries remain deployed away from their families.

Back home, military spouses are the ones keeping each other in good spirits as they navigate life apart from their loved one.

"It's not just the deployments that are stressful but it's the PCS' and the training and long work hours that are not only stressful on us but the kids too," Emily Damboise said.

Wives and mothers are facing this situation the best way they know how.

"I know for me when I'm really going through it, I don't want to see anyone," Tanya Webb said. "I am attached to my child, and they are attached to me so if I am going through a lot of emotional stress then sometimes talking to them about it can raise that stress."

But even supermoms need help sometimes. That's where people like Jennifer Smith, the clinic director for the Stephen A. Cohen Military Family Clinic in Fayetteville, come in.

"Once we have those vital conversations, on their age-appropriate levels, it's important to leave keep the environment safe and open for communication," Smith said.

In 35 years of combined experience between Damboise and Webb, they have learned that one thing never changes.

"This is a hard lifestyle, but tomorrow is a better day. I think, with moms especially, we seem to think we are perfect and we're not. Just give yourself some grace. We all should give ourselves some grace."
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