'Do not hire her:' Cumberland County family fumes, says caregiver stole from dying dad

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Cumberland County family is feeling betrayed after they said a family "friend" they hired to help out at their dying father's home, stole from him.

Allison Boone has been charged in a separate but similar case in Sampson County. Now the Naylor family says she's under investigation for what happened to their dad at his Cumberland County home.

When Barbara Buie needed someone to help around her dying dad's house, she went with a familiar face, a family friend she knew for years.

"She seemed to be friendly, a sweet girl, seemed to care and have a heart -- but that backfired," Buie said.

Buie's dad, Robert Naylor, has stage four bone and prostate cancer. Hospice homes were too expensive so the family hired in-home nurses. Boone was brought on to help with basic upkeep, cleaning, and she even painted.

"Monday we noticed the pistol was missing," Buie said.

A .22-caliber pistol, Robert Naylor's prize possession, was gone along with his wallet.

"It had a couple hundred dollars' worth of cash and all of his credit cards and it was gone," Buie said.

After days of trying to get in contact with Boone, the family said she turned up on Facebook, selling her dad's stolen things.

"The sickness, then him coming home on Hospice hit really hard, but then to find all of his stuff gone from somebody that you know," Buie said.

ABC11 found Facebook posts from Boone asking for work, claiming to be experienced in things such as cleaning yards, houses, and care-giving. The Buie family said she's careless.

"Oh no, don't hire her at all," Buie said.

Boone is charged with identity theft, exploitation of the elderly, and obtaining property by false pretenses in another case in Sampson County. As for the Naylor family's case, Naylor's daughter demands justice.

"I hope she gets burned to the fullest extent, and I promise I will do my best to make everything stick," Buie said.
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