Survey: 40% would give up their dog for a month to keep their smartphone

Some revealing new survey results show just how attached people are to their phones. And the findings are sure to draw strong reactions from animal lovers and married couples.

A text messaging marketing agency called SimpleTexting polled more than 1,000 smartphone users in the U.S., asking them what they would sacrifice to keep their cellphone.

The survey revealed that 40% of pet owners would give up their dog for a month in order to keep their smartphone.

Dogs did have a slight advantage over someone's romantic partner. Forty-four percent of people surveyed said they'd go without seeing their partner for a month under the condition they could keep their phone.

Meanwhile, 72% of those surveyed said they'd rather be separated from alcohol than their phone for a month while 64% said they'd give up coffee for a month to keep their phone.
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