Mysterious dog illness that has sickened hundreds identified

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The mystery is over. The illness that was sickening hundreds of dogs in Raleigh has been identified.

Dr. Page Wages, a veterinarian in Raleigh, told ABC11 back in September that she had treated 170 dogs with an unusual cough in one month. The cough was leading to serious illnesses like pneumonia and severe bronchitis.

By November, Wages said she had treated about 400 dogs with the illness. One of those dogs actually died from the infection.

Wages has been working with three national drug companies to come up with answers about what has been causing all the illnesses.

Together, the group narrowed down the causes and determined an extremely contagious bacteria called mycoplasma was to blame.

Wages said owners whose dogs have an unusual cough should see make an appointment with a veterinarian and keep sick dogs at home and away from dog parks or other public places.
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