William Peace University unveils high tech gaming lab on campus with new Esports majors

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Friday, February 4, 2022
William Peace University unveils new high tech Esports gaming lab
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William Peace University unveils new high tech Esports gaming lab

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- William Peace University opened a new high-tech Esports and gaming lab a few months after launching two new bachelor degree programs in the fall of 2021. Students can now earn degrees in Interactive Design and ESports and Gaming Administration.

The investment of the gaming lab comes as Raleigh continues to be a global leader in the ESports industry.

"They are learning how to do computer coding, programming, but also very much interdisciplinary," said Roger Christman, Department Chair of Art, Communication, and Simulation & Game Design.

"There's a lot of business-related courses, there are psychology courses, there are marketing courses. So, we're looking at these students in the ESports gaming administration to be producers, content creators, tournament directors, or coaches of Esports teams," said Christman.

The expansion of the program at WPU follows state lawmakers investing in the industry, including millions in the budget for ESport ventures and events.

Forbes ranks Raleigh as the second-hottest area in the U.S. for tech jobs.