$6,000 car repair bill picked up only after Troubleshooter Diane Wilson gets involved

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023
$6K car repair bill picked up only after Troubleshooter gets involved
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Car repairs can be expensive. One Goldsboro driver found that out the hard way when her Ford Escape developed a major issue.

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Car repairs can be expensive. One Goldsboro driver found that out the hard way when her vehicle developed a major issue that she thought should have been covered by the manufacturer.

"I started the car and smoke came out of the tailpipe," Demetria McCreary said. "I mean volumes of smoke came out of the tailpipe."

McCreary had a Ford Escape that had only ever been worked on by her Ford dealership. She said the dealership told her, "There was a problem with coolant intruding into the car."

It's a known problem for some Ford vehicles. The company even issued a technical service bulletin in 2019, where under their customer satisfaction program on certain models of Ford Fusions and Escapes they would cover the repair.

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But McCreary's vehicle did not meet the requirements to get the repair covered.

"By the time my engine showed problems, I was beyond the scope of the customer satisfaction program," she said.

Under Ford's terms, the company would cover the repair for 7 years of service or 84,000 miles. McCreary had about 6,000 more miles than allowed.

"I owe over $18,000 on the car and the repair was over $6,000 and I'm a teacher and that does not ring true to my budget," McCreary said.

McCreary provided Ford with all of her service records to show she's had every service done by a Ford dealership, but she said Ford closed her case.

"I had seen stories of when you helped people and I really needed help, that's why I called you because I knew you would take care of me," she said to Troubleshooter Diane Wilson.

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Wilson got in touch with Ford who had a representative get in touch with McCreary, and she got the good news from Ford that the repair would be covered after all.

"I am ecstatic! I am thankful to you, Diane, and I'm not exaggerating if you had not taken on my case, I'd still be fighting with them. What you do is helpful. You help more people like me; we don't have a voice, you get us heard and I'm thankful for that," McCreary said.

Ford did not add any comment about the decision. The company worked directly with McCreary, and her car is now repaired.

When it comes to recalls or service bulletins issued on your car, it is key to check often if you're impacted. While the manufacturer does try and notify you, you can check for free online at the National Transportation Safety Administration.