Good Samaritan in San Francisco finds dog missing for 10 years

SAN FRANCISCO -- From little dog lost, to little dog found -- a pup missing for 10 years was finally found and set to be recruited with its owner.

It took a Good Samaritan in San Francisco to help the pup named Mooshu find her way back home.

Erika Slovikoski didn't know she was about to make a really big animal rescue Tuesday. She was out with her own dog Orion, walking near Fort Funston, when she heard something strange.

"I thought I was returning somebody's dog missing for hours, shocking," said Erika Sloviko "I could hear an animal crying from the hillside."

Sloviko recorded the sound on her phone, an animal in distress.

"There were people in the area, they asked, is this your dog?" Sloviko said.

That's when she saw the 12-year-old Pekinese without a collar. She'd been stuck on the side of a steep hill. Slovikoski had no luck finding the owner, so she took her to San Francisco Animal Care and Control where she got a huge shock. Mooshu had been missing for 10 years.

"I was blown away. And I though the only way they knew it was her was the microchip," Slovikoski said.

A simple microchip revealed Mooshu long backstory. It turns out Mooshu's owners are traveling out of the country. They got the news and were thrilled.

"A friend of the family has the dog. Hopefully, they'll all get reunited soon," said director of San Francisco Animal Care and Control Virginia Donahue

"So much time, I hope they enjoy saying hi again," Slovikoski said.

Ironically, Slovikoski is a professional dog trainer, and now a dog rescuer.