Paranormal researchers say Raleigh's XOCO Mexican grill is haunted

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Thursday, November 1, 2018
Paranormal researchers: Raleigh's XOCO Mexican grill is haunted
Staff says Xoco Mexican Bar & Grill on Glenwood Avenue in downtown Raleigh is haunted.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- When you walk into Xoco Mexican Bar & Grill on Glenwood Avenue in downtown Raleigh, there is a sign on the door that may catch your eye.

The sign reads: "To Our Patrons: It has been confirmed by ASAP Paranormal that our location is haunted. We are not responsible for the actions of any ghosts/spirits on the premises. Thank you."

Around Halloween, some people believe the sign is all part of the spooky fun, but staff and customers familiar with the goings on inside the historic creamery building will tell you supernatural events happen at Xoco all year.

"We've all had some type of experience," explained Deb Kaiser, a five-year employee of Xoco who happens to be a lead investigator for ASAP Paranormal. "We see a lot of shadows, we hear our names called when there's no one around. We'll be opening in the morning and closing at night and hear all sorts of things, bangings on the wall. There's someone who runs through and laughs. We don't know who that is for sure," Kaiser explained. "We've had it happen to customers-they'll hear their name. Young men will jump back because someone pinches them lots of the time. That's why we posted we're not responsible for what they do, you're on your own."

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All of the paranormal activity led Kaiser to ask management if ASAP Paranormal could do an investigation.

Her team confirmed what staff and customers believed.

"We got a lot of interesting EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon)a lot of energy spikes just a whole lot of activity," Kaiser said.

After hearing of the local haunt, another Raleigh based team, Association of Paranormal Study conducted their own investigation just days before Halloween.

"They were in here doing a radio sweep and they caught some really interesting voices," explained Association of Paranormal Study Founder Alex Matsuo.

"When I was sitting with them we heard really sinister sounding giggles," Matsuo said. "We were getting names, questions, hearing screams on the radio sweep as well."

"There's definitely some interesting presence going on here," explained Association of Paranormal Study Historian Beth Breakey. "People don't really think of this building as a whole as a historic place in Raleigh, but, it's seen its fair share of history and tragedy."

The building, which was built in the 1920s, was once a dairy processing plant.

Breakey said a worker had a heart attack at the creamery and was discovered in the freezer.

There was also a string of murders in the 1990s that led to the discovery of two female victims bodies in and behind the building where Xoco now sits.

"I think it makes for an interesting blend of paranormal activity here," Breakey said.

Management embraces the paranormal activity of the building.

Xoco has even named a few dishes after resident ghosts.