Email leaks show Dems cheered HB2 impact, McCrory says

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
McCrory rips Democrats over HB2
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The governor says recent email leaks prove Democratics were exploiting HB2 for political gain.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Gov. Pat McCrory said leaked emails confirm his fears about HB2 and the Democratic Party.

After a news conference about an agricultural bill, the governor answered questions about HB2.


"What's most disturbing is that these emails have clearly shown something we suspected all along," McCrory said. "That's the state of North Carolina, the city of Charlotte and especially small businesses are being used as a pawn by Roy Cooper, by the mayor of Charlotte and by the Democratic Party, on an issue that was made up purely for political purpose and to raise money."

Those leaked emails are now listed on WikiLeaks.

In search of McCrory on the site, he's mentioned more than 100 times. In one exchange on the website, in an email dated in May, Democratic officials refer to McCrory as "a moronic little bigot of a Tarheel governor."

In another email about Pearl Jam canceling its Raleigh concert, some of the back and forth comments read, "Awesome," and "This is great."

McCrory said that wording is telling.

"They cheered. They literally cheered when businesses would boycott our great state," the governor said.


Democrats, however, say they are not to blame in this.

In a statement, David Miranda, a spokesperson for the North Carolina Democratic Party said:

"This is a ridiculous assertion. The Republican-led General Assembly passed their discrimination law, HB2, and Republican Governor Pat McCrory. It is the GOP's focus on extreme partisan politics that has cost North Carolina thousands of jobs and tens of millions of dollars, and now the NBA All-Star Game and another $100 million for Charlotte and the state. The Democratic Party will continue to work to educate voters about the negative consequences of the Republicans' discriminatory law."

Also responding in a statement to these accusations, was a campaign spokesperson for Roy Cooper:

"Governor McCrory is desperate to distract from the damage he's done to our economy with HB 2. The solution here is simple: The governor should spend a little less time pointing fingers and put more effort into repealing this law and repairing North Carolina's reputation."

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