Can't get in touch with your family in Puerto Rico? Here's what you can do

PUERTO RICO (WTVD) -- If you have not been able to contact your loved ones in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, here's what you can do.

The territory's Federal Affairs Administration is asking people to now send emails.

  • Include your contact information and as much detailed information about your family member or friend as possible

Because of high volume, leaders are now requesting that people use email requests; however, they ask that you only send one email. The only exception is if the status of your loved one has changed.

  • Call the Washington D.C. office at (202) 800-3133 or (202) 778-0710

You are also able to call a help desk in Washingon D.C. There, staffers are taking names, information, and numbers and developing plans to check those who remain unreachable as the island begins to recover.

Other helpful tools is suggesting the following:

  • Find family and friends via the American Red Cross. You love ones can also list themselves as safe on this site
  • Call the island's local radio station WIPR at (787) 777-0940
  • Follow social media accounts that offer up-to-date information in Spanish. A full list of sites is located on their website

AT&T's new website

AT&T has set up a website that allows anyone in the U.S. to register the cell phone number of a family member or friend who is an AT&T wireless customer in Puerto Rico.

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