12-year-old Green Bay boy gets Marvel's Iron Man inspired prosthetic arm

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin -- A 12-year-old Green Bay boy is giving people something to think about the next time they're picking up a beverage.

Jonathan was born without a right hand and was equipped with an Iron Man inspired prosthetic arm. He is grateful just to be able to reach for his glass.

Simply being able to reach for and pick up a glass is a huge feat.

Video shows him making his big move.

"Hey guys, this is Jonathan and I'm about to take a drink of apple juice with my right hand for the first time," he said before lifting a glass to his mouth and taking a big swig of his drink.

His prosthetic has a "hero arm" design that is inspired by Marvel's Iron Man.

In addition to demonstrating how he's now able to lift a glass, Jonathan also gave a big thumbs up with his new arm and a proud smile!
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