Health officials warn carpooling is dangerous during pandemic

Friday, October 23, 2020
Experts warn of dangers of carpooling during pandemic
Experts warn of dangers of carpooling during pandemic

As more children are heading back to the classroom, health officials are warning about the potential risks of carpooling.

Officials in both Connecticut and Rhode Island said they are seeing clusters of COVID-19 cases linked to carpooling.

The Centers for Disease Control is providing tips on how to stay safe when sharing rides.

Experts said you should wear a mask as well as use hand sanitizer after leaving the car. They also recommend setting the air conditioning or heat in your car on the non-recirculating mode. This will allow fresh air inside the car to dilute any possible virus particles.

The CDC said that if you're in a ride-share you should sit as far away from the driver as possible.

The Wake County Public School System is make arrangements for the return of in-person learning with many students heading back to the classroom next week.

There are plans for social distancing in school buildings and also on school buses. Only siblings will be allowed to share a seat on the bus and masks will also be required.