Humble mother allegedly sends disturbing videos abusing her child

HUMBLE, Texas -- A Texas woman has been charged with child endangerment after allegedly sending disturbing pictures and videos abusing her 1-year-old son.

The boy's aunt, Ra'Neicha Broadnax, said she received videos and pictures from her nephew's mother, Jamelle Peterkin, showing the child being slapped, having a lighter held to his fingers, and a plastic bag put over his head.

Broadnax said it appears Peterkin sent the videos and images because the child's father had a new girlfriend.

According to the family, they began receiving messages containing the images and videos from Peterkin on April 13.

Broadnax said Peterkin threatened to harm the child if they didn't respond.

One of Peterkins alleged text messages read: "Sad that he that pressed to cheat after he just begged me to be his girlfriend. That's okay. We can keep playing. Let's see how bad y'all wanna be together," followed with a photo of the 1-year-old boy with a plastic bag tied around his head.

Peterkin was arrested and charged, according to the Harris County Clerk.

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