Family of Zebulon woman killed in crash 'at peace'

ZEBULON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Family members of 54-year-old Judy Claybourne, who was killed while driving on US-64 on Monday, say they are coming to terms with her death.

Claybourne was driving with her husband, Darryl and their adopted daughter, Ameerah Goodwin, when they were struck by Erik Christian Hicks. Hicks, 43, admits to looking at a text message when he hit the Claybournes. So far, Hicks has only been charged with failure to wear a seat belt and texting while driving.

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Now, the Claybourne family is turning to their faith to get through this tragedy.

"Monday, yes. I was so upset at [Hicks]. I wanted him to get life [in prison] or whatever," said Judy's older sister, Wanda Jones. "But today, I'm leaving it up to God. It's in God's hands."

Jones says Judy and her family drove up to the Philadelphia area for Memorial Day weekend. Judy's mother insisted her daughter not to drive back because of the inclement weather. However, Judy wanted to return to Zebulon.

Jones told ABC11 that the family forgives Hicks. However, they are still interested in the reason behind his actions.

"I would ask him why he was going at a high rate of speed, texting," said Jones. "Slow down, clear your head, take your time because it's not worth it. Life is too precious and too short."

Goodwin, 16, is still in the hospital. Her condition is improving, though. Jones, who is Goodwin's biological grandmother, said Goodwin recognized her during the hospital visit and requested some food.

Funeral arrangements in Zebulon are being handled by Harris Funeral Home. A date has not been set, as Darryl Claybourne is waiting for Goodwin's health to improve so she can attend the funeral. Jones says the family plans to hold a funeral in Pennsylvania as well.

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