Local nurse steps in to help struggling moms and their newborns

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A local nurse is helping new moms struggling to pay for diapers.

Mia Commedo knows it what is feels like to be a single mother during the holiday season.

"You got moms choosing between food and diapers or bills and baby supplies for their kids and I've been in that situation myself before," said Commedo.

Commedo who has been a nurse for 5-years, spent much of her time working with mothers and newborns at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center.

"One day I was at work and there was a mom who needed diapers and wipes and though I did report it to get her help, I knew there was more I could do," said Commedo.

While Commedo and her fellow nurses went above and beyond to help, tragedy struck one of their own making it difficult to pay for basic necessities.

"In the pandemic, she ended up getting injured and she had bills and debt pile up so we all made candy and raised money to pay the bills," said Commedo.

With overwhelming support and resources left over they bought more diapers for mothers in need by starting 'Keke's PBS Diaper Drive,' named in honor of her friend and co-worker.

"It's only in its second year but next year we want to expand to formula and clothes and formula, cause when you're a new mother you should just worry about just loving your baby," said Commedo.

Commedo and others plan on donating the diapers and supplies on Christmas Eve. If you would like to donate or for more details email Mia Commedo at kekespbs@yahoo.com.
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