Families enjoy LEGO convention despite coronavirus concerns

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The LEGO BrickUniverse convention continued as planned on Saturday, but with plenty of changes amid coronavirus concerns.

Combing through the LEGOs, it just comes with the territory.

"I'm building a house and there's a little office with a spinny chair over here," said convention attendee Madalyn Prudente.

But this year the BrickUniverse LEGO Convention was a bit different.

"We definitely wanted to wait until this area was not as crowded. We've paid attention to where people have gone and we've tried to go to the less crowded areas," said attendee John Prudente.

Prudente and his daughter Madalyn considered not coming to the convention on Saturday but instead took precautions.

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"We talked about not putting our hands in our mouths or touching our eyes, touching our nose so we've been over the rules. Definitely cleaning our hands," Prudente said.

And the event organizers took precautions of their own. They added hand sanitizers throughout the venue, more things to look at instead of touch, staff wore gloves and if you decided to leave the event - you had to rescan your ticket to get in. Instead of getting a hand stamp.

And many families said they weren't worried.

"We take a lot of boosters, a lot of vitamin C. We eat a lot of greens and we eat a lot of fruit and we try to work out. So we try to live healthy and I think that helps," said another attendee.

The same changes will be in place for day two of the convention starting on Sunday at 9 a.m.
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