Woman charged after plowing car into Lilly's Pizza on Glenwood Avenue, injuring 2

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Monday, June 24, 2019
2 hurt after impaired driver plows into Lilly's Pizza
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2 hurt after impaired driver plows into Lilly's Pizza

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A woman is behind bars after police said she plowed her car into a Raleigh pizzeria Sunday night, injuring two people.

The incident happened before 10:30 p.m. at Lilly's Pizza on Glenwood Avenue.

Police said 20-year-old Cassidy Stone, of Cary, drove her car onto the sidewalk and then onto the patio.

Two people were injured in the crash. They were checked out at the scene by EMS workers but did not need to the taken to the hospital.

"All of a sudden this like white car came through and like tumbled all the way through here," Georgia Steele, one of the victims, told ABC11. "I saw like the car, and I like told my friend to run. And I ran into Glenwood. And then I like, turned around and I didn't see her for a second but she'd gotten trapped in all the metal."

Steele and a friend were eating pizza on the sidewalk just as the restaurant was closing.

"I'm celebrating life right now," Steele added. "I feel lucky. I feel very lucky to be alive today."

Steele's friend was injured by patio furniture as the crash happened. Steele showed ABC11 her ankle, which was swollen after being hit by a table.

Other patrons were also a bit shaken by the incident.

"We usually prefer to sit outside to sitting inside," said diner Katie Kondylas. "But, yeah, it's something you don't think about is the traffic."

Kelly Parker said she lives close by, and she and her husband enjoy walking down and getting a snack or coffee.

"We have never felt not safe out here," Parker said. "I feel like especially in this part of town, drivers are conscientious of people who are gathered outside. So I was really sad to hear that that had happened.

"We're definitely conscientious that it's a very busy road," she added. "Certainly with kids we've always tried to sit close to the building over at Lilly's, you know, on the tables just because you are close to the cars. But we've not felt unsafe."

According to court records, Stone had a blood-aclcohol content of .19, more than twice the legal limit. Stone was charged with driving while impaired and underage drinking after driving.