911 calls detail moments teens' bodies were found on an Orange County trail

Friday, September 23, 2022
'Hard on everybody': Slain teens remembered at vigil, sporting event
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The family of Devin Clark held an emotional vigil and balloon release in Yanceyville. At Cedar Ridge High, the volleyball match was dedicated to Lyric Woods. Meanwhile, the search for their suspected killer continues.

ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- 911 calls reveal new details days after two teenagers were found dead on an Orange County trail.

They came from the men on four-wheelers who discovered the bodies of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is still working to bring a 17-year-old suspect into custody.

The 911 calls were placed Sunday afternoon as the ATV riders stumbled across the bodies of the two high school students.

"What we've discovered is that we've actually discovered two dead bodies," the caller said. "We were on a four-wheeler and we were actually putting out deer corn and we discovered them."

The 911 calls came from the men on four-wheelers who discovered the bodies of 14-year-old Lyric Woods and 18-year-old Devin Clark in a wooded area of Orange County.

Both Woods and Clark had sustained gunshot wounds.

"There's a power, an access where the power company cut a road in and they're just laying there on the side of the road," the caller said.

A makeshift memorial now stands nearby.

Teens remembered in special ways

On Thursday night, the teens were being remembered at two separate events.

A volleyball game was being played in Woods' honor at Cedar Ridge High School where she was in the ninth grade.

About the same time, Clark's family and friends held a vigil and balloon release in Yanceyville.

They released balloons and lit candles in honor of the Eastern Alamance High School student. His football coaches and friends spoke.

"We were all raised here in Caswell County. I got to know Devin when he was 3 or 4 years old," said Holly Broadnax, a family friend.

Broadnax knew Clark's family from being involved with the West Side Cardinals, a Caswell County youth football team.

"Being in a small county like this, everybody knows everybody," Broadnax said. "To know Devin was to love Devin. I wake up thinking about this, I go to sleep thinking about it. It's a hard situation. It's a very large tragedy, it's hard on everybody. He needs to be honored just as much as Lyric needs to be honored."

Another family friend, Demetrice Scott, also recalled memories of Clark.

"I knew him as a little kid so for this to be going on right now is tragic. It hit me because I have boys," Scott said. "He always loved to play basketball and he was just a good kid. For this to happen it really hurt everybody, it really touched our hometown of Caswell County. I'm just praying for both families and I wish everybody would come together with a good agreement, come together, let them grieve."

Clark's aunt, Adriana Fuller, was one of many family members still trying to make sense of it all.

"It doesn't make sense, it's not adding up. I'm sitting back trying to pinpoint and it's just not adding up," Fuller said. "To me, there's no good reason, there's no good reason, I just want answers. I just want to know why, what's the reason why you'd kill two innocent people."

Fuller hopes justice is meted out soon.

"Who is this person that would kill these two innocent people?" she said "Not just my nephew, but Lyric, her family is grieving like we're grieving. We want answers. We're going to keep fighting, we're going to get real answers until someone is put away because he didn't, neither one of them deserved this, both of our families need justice."

Grieving family searches for answers

Clark's mother, Tiffany Concepcion, has retained an attorney to help her through this difficult time.

The attorney said the family has still not been allowed to officially identify the body, but that is changing as the medical examiner's office has now granted access.

"They have been prohibited from having somebody come and view the body due to the nature of the investigation," the attorney, Jason Keith said. "And as you know, mom wants closure. Mom wants transparency, but mom also wants to expedite this process as fast as possible, and she wants to see and make a determination that whether that is in fact, her son."

The community has offered support to both the grief-stricken families. An online fundraiser for Woods has raised more than $23,000. More than $24,000 have been raised for Clark.

Both funds are expected to help with funeral expenses.

"From my understanding, the medical examiner and the coroner informed (Clark's mother) that due to the nature of the death of her son, that I think Tuesday is the latest day he can be still not buried, so they're trying to expedite those processes as fast as possible," Keith said.

Anyone with additional information on this case is asked to call Investigator Keith Goodwin at (919) 245-2918.