Making Abilities Possible: Made4Me creates custom built furniture for special-needs children

ByClaudia Benfield WTVD logo
Tuesday, March 1, 2022
Made4Me creates customized furniture for those with special needs
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Made4Me offers custom-built furniture for special needs clients and was designed to make life easier for families across the Triangle at no cost.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Locally owned independent nonprofit Made4Me offers custom-built furniture for special-needs clients that is designed to make life easier for families across the Triangle at no cost.

Made4Me customizes objects for special-needs individuals, mostly children, but are open to the idea of expanding to adults. These pieces of customizable furniture are made of industrial cardboard and glue and go through a very attentive process to make sure the object is perfect for individual clients.

The builders at Made4Me help their customers in a close and personal process involving their physical therapists to build to the client's special needs. They take exact measurements of their bodies to fit a chair, bench, or any other piece of furniture to their body and make sure that the object fits the child's needs.

"We step in and we partner with those families and we create those custom adaptations that give their loved ones a life full of possibilities," Made4Me co-founder John Mainey said.

When the construction is finished, the pieces are painted specifically for the customer they are designed for. Whether it's Superman, Candyland, or any other pop culture reference you can think of, Made4Me does it and makes these objects more personable by adding these artistic presentations to the pieces.

Mainey also said, "There's nobody else in our neck of the woods that is even coming close to providing that type of service."

Made4Me makes this process even easier by personally delivering their finished products to their families' households and making sure that the customer is satisfied with their new item.

Their mantra, "Making Abilities Possible," is a true and proven statement showcased by the hard work that goes into each individual piece made for their customers and the positive feedback from satisfied families.

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