'Silent killers:' Make sure these items around the house are up to standard in the New Year

It's a New Year and a New You!

No? Not a fan of resolutions? Me either. I can't commit. New year, same me, I say.

There are some things that you should do, especially around the house, according to the Fire Chief of the Goldsboro Fire Department.

Chief Joe Dixon says check those fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

"Those are silent killers, and when you're asleep in your home, you want to protect your family," said Dixon.

That's not the only thing on your weekend list to check out, Chief Dixon says now is a good time to clean the chimney and make sure your HVAC is clean and in working order. Shut vents that should be shut, open those that should be open.

If you're still clinging to the memories of Christmas by having up your live tree, it might be time to let 2019 go.

"They may not be lit right now..." Dixon said. "You're not watering them, which makes them even more dangerous. If you have anything with a heat source around them, it could be a source of fire."

The start of the new year is also a good time to review fire exit strategies with your family.

"Make sure that if something does happen to your home, especially with small children of the elderly, know how to get out," Dixon advises.

Finally, check on your older neighbors, especially if they don't have family nearby or if you haven't heard from them in a while.
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