Hundreds turn out for annual March for Life rally in downtown Raleigh

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Hundreds of anti-abortion rights advocates turned out for the 23rd annual March for Life rally in downtown Raleigh on Saturday.

The event, organized by the non-profit North Carolina Right to Life, featured a series of speakers and later turned into a march.

One of the more notable speakers being newly-elected Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson who fired up the crowd at Bicentennial Plaza.

"We cannot say we believe in equality. We cannot say that Black lives matter or all lives matter or blue lives matter until we say that unborn lives matter because that is where we all start," Robinson said on Sunday afternoon.

The group marched through downtown Raleigh as stakes are high due to the threat of violent protests leading up to inauguration day. Both Raleigh and State Capitol Police patrolled downtown as the group marched.

However, participants said they did think much of the increased tension surrounding the state and ultimately the country.

"What we're doing is for something good," said Mallory Finch, an abortion-rights opponent from Charlotte who made the trip to the state capital. "As long as you're going in with that mindset, as long as you're not going to be disruptive and not going to be hurting anyone, I think it's okay."

The day before the Saturday march, organizers asked participants not to gather in person this year in Washington D.C. due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases and the increasing tensions within the country.

A number of abortion rights supporters stood on the other side of the street next to the legislative building during the rally but declined to comment.

" I didn't want to be seen as somebody that's trying to start something but you don't want to be a coward either so what do you do," said Cary resident Shannon Fuerst.
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