WATCH: Key moments from the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing

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Thursday, September 27, 2018
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WASHINGTON -- In a defiant and emotional bid to rescue his Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday denied allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford when both were high school students and angrily told Congress that Democrats were engaged in "a calculated and orchestrated political hit."

In her own testimony, Ford told the same Senate Judiciary Committee that she was "100 percent" certain a drunken young Kavanaugh had pinned her to a bed, tried to remove her clothes and clapped a hand over her mouth as she tried to yell for help.

Here are the key moments from Thursday's hearing:

1.) During Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, she said she believed Brett Kavanaugh "was going to rape" her. "I thought that Brett was accidentally going to kill me," she said.

2.) "It is not my responsibility to determine whether Mr. Kavanaugh deserves to sit on the Supreme Court. My responsibility is to tell you the truth." Christine Blasey Ford testified during the hearing.

3.) Christine Blasey Ford says she insisted that a second front door was included in the remodeling of her home. When her husband questioned her motivation for this, she told him about her alleged assault.

4.) Christine Blasey Ford says her strongest memory of the alleged sexual assault was "the laughter."

5.) When Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, asked," "With what degree of certainty do you believe Brett Kavanaugh assaulted you?" Christine Blasey Ford responded, "100 percent."

6.) The first contentious moment of the hearing involved Christine Blasey Ford's legal team proposing that the polygraph examiner testify. The request was rejected.

7.) "I will not be intimidated from withdrawing from this process," Brett Kavanaugh says the "coordinated and well-funded effort" to destroy his good name and family will not drive him out.

8.) As Brett Kavanaugh testified before the Senate committee, he said his 10-year-old daughter told his wife they should pray for his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. "That's a lot of wisdom from a 10-year-old."

9.) In a back-and-forth between Dianne Feinstein, D-California, Brett Kavanaugh says he "emphatically" denies the allegations and calls the "Swetnick thing" a farce.

10.) Sen Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, sounds off during Brett Kavanaugh's hearing, calling it an "unethical sham." "What you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in 2020."

11.) In a heated exchange with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, D-Rhode Island, Brett Kavanaugh dismissed the scrutiny of his high school yearbook as an "absurdity."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.