Wife sees husband's decline from COVID-19 through FaceTime

Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Wife sees husband's decline from COVID-19 through FaceTime
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"I thought I had a lifetime of hugs and love of smiles, of kisses." In the video, an Arizona woman offers the heartbreaking experience of seeing her husband battle and declining from COVID-19 through just a FaceTime connection.

SURPRISE, Arizona -- Monique Horbaczewski's future is fading away as her husband Bob teeters on the verge of death.

Monique told KPNX that her husband, a fit 42-year-old father of three children who has no underlying conditions, is battling COVID-19.

"The ICU doctor told me that there's very little to hope and a lot that can go wrong," she said.

The Horbaczewski family contracted the coronavirus in December, but Bob is the only one who is still battling. He has been on a ventilator since Christmas.

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"I feel like his status changes every hour," said Monique, adding she's been allowed to only communicate with Bob, still connected to life-sustaining tubes, through FaceTime.

"I promised him that, if he keeps fighting and he pulls through, that I will never take another kiss or another hug, even another fight for granted," she said. "I feel helpless. I feel like I can't, I can't help him."

Monique also admitted the thought of losing Bob would change her family.

"I wish it was me. He's the stronger parent - like our family would have been better off it had been me," she said crushingly. "Everyone tells me to be positive, which is great, I get. Positivity is a great thing. But I'm also trying to be realistic."

According to Monique, doctors said Bob will need a lung transplant to live, but needs to be stable enough for a surgery.

And in a heartbreaking coincidence, Bob is battling in the same hospital where he and Monique met. She said his mom works there as a nurse.

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