Mystery object washes up on Outer Banks

ByTom Donahue WTVD logo
Thursday, October 12, 2017
The mystery object at Hatteras (image courtesy Erin Everlee)
The mystery object at Hatteras (image courtesy Erin Everlee)

HATTERAS, North Carolina (WTVD) -- The latest object to wash ashore on the Outer Banks is still a mystery. The white metal object about 15 feet long and nine feet wide washed up on a Hatteras beach on Sunday.

Deputy Chief Ranger Mike Henry of the Outer Banks National Parks Service told ABC11 he believes it is part of an aircraft.

"It looks like aircraft grade metal." Henry said. But he has not ruled out the possibility of it being a casing to a rocket that may have been launched recently. Henry says the object has been sent to Langley Air Force Base for identification.

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Local photographer Erin Everlee took numerous pictures of the object and posted them on Facebook. "I don't think it was in the water for a long time, it was in good condition." she said.