Pence, Abrams and Jill Biden swing through North Carolina as Early Voting comes to a close

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Sunday, November 1, 2020
Pence, Abrams, Jill Biden swing through NC as Early Voting closes
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Saturday is the last day to cast your vote early in the state. North Carolinians now have to wait until Election Day before voting again.

Vice President Mike Pence, political activist Stacey Abrams and Dr. Jill Biden all made campaign stops in North Carolina as early voting came to a close in the state.

North Carolina voters now have to wait until Election Day as polls closed at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Dr. Biden held a drive-in rally in Charlotte alongside comedian Amy Schumer to encourage North Carolinians to early vote. Abrams doing the same in both Raleigh and Durham on behalf of the Biden campaign, "The safety of our people is paramount. It does not matter who shows up if they cannot survive the opportunity. We would rather have small committed groups of people who are doing the work than have massive crowds at a superspreader event."

Meanwhile, in Elm City, Vice President Pence held a campaign at the Rocky-Mount Wilson Airport.

Political activist Stacey Abrams spoke on behalf of the Biden/Harris campaign in downtown Raleigh.
(Photo courtesy of Mathias Bishop)

The North Carolina State Board of Elections said more than 4 million North Carolina ballots have been cast, which is 55.6 percent total turnout.

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NCSBE reported 883,964 mail ballots have been cast along with 3,200,004 in-person votes.

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"North Carolina voters have an important role in this election," said Governor Roy Cooper. "The stakes have never been higher as we face the most consequential election of our lifetime. It's time to make your voice heard. Today is the last day of early voting so get it done now, and if you can't, be sure to vote on Tuesday, November 3rd."

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