'Just be ever-vigilant.' Man arrested in connection with two sexual assault cases at NC State

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Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Arrest made in connection with two sexual assault cases at NC State
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Raleigh police have made an arrest in two sexual assault cases at North Carolina State University.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- After the second reported sexual assault on NC State's campus in a week, Raleigh Police arrested a 21-year old man who authorities believe is responsible for both attacks.

The latest incident happened shortly after midnight Tuesday in the Wolf Village parking lot off of Gorman Street, near the site of a December 7th attack inside Arctic Hall.

"Based on the description that we got from the female, it seemed eerily close to a similar sexual assault basically a week before in the same area," said NC State Police Chief Dan House.

A WolfAlert was sent out to the campus community just before 1 AM Tuesday morning, with Raleigh Police taking Hasan Abdullah Faheemud-Deen into custody shortly after 2 AM.

"We've got a lot of good cameras around here. We were able to actually get him on camera where that assault occurred (on December 7th)," said Dan House, chief of NC State police.

During a press conference Tuesday afternoon, House said their department plans on filing charges against Faheemud-Deen in connection with Tuesday morning's incident. A Wolf Alert posted after 3:00 Tuesday afternoon stated warrants have been served against Faheemud-Deen for sexual battery (unlawful touching) and second-degree trespassing.

"My friend had just been in the parking lot, putting her stuff in the car, leaving. And she was literally approached by somebody, and it was under the same description. So when we came back in and we got the email we were so shocked," said Katie Eaker, a freshman at NC State.

She said she's changing her habits following recent reports of sexual assault on-campus.

"Me and my roommates have decided that we're not going to the parking lot alone at night. That's especially difficult though because I work until 7:00 at night," Eaker explained.

Off-camera, one student shared her friends walk with her at night, and another student's mom accompanied her to campus Tuesday.

"Just be ever-vigilant. Always have a plan when leaving your residence to go to your car or whatever it is. Pick a good path, pick a lighted path. Walk with a friend. Get on your phone and call somebody to let them know this is what you're doing," House said.

Christina Minnish, a sexual assault survivor who shared her story with NC State students earlier this year, said such reports can be triggering.

"It's never too late to go get help, it's never too late to talk, to do something for yourself, to take care of your own mental health. For me, speaking with a counselor was necessary and ultimately ended up being the answer for me to be able to eventually get to a point where I felt like I had shared my story and was willing to more forward with sharing it with others. I didn't know how to expect the reaction I'd receive, but when I published my writing, there were several people who I knew who came out of the woodwork to tell me their story and they had never told anyone before. So I just think staying silent wasn't helpful. I understand the reason because I did it myself for over a decade. But if you have the ability to try to speak, even if it's just to one person, it is very freeing and it's also very helpful to others in the same situation," said Minnish.

She further explained the importance of increased awareness about sexual attacks; while there's no known connection between the victims in these cases with Faheemud-Deen, a report from the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network found eight of ten sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.

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"College campuses especially, I feel there's a need if not an obligation to educate everyone on consent, healthy relationships, responsible drinking, partying, looking after your friends. All of the things that age of adults need to be aware of," Minnish explained.

NC State is a public campus, which does allow people not affiliated with the university to walk on it. However, they are barred from entering certain buildings, including Arctic Hall, where the December 7th incident occurred.

"The suspect what we call tailgated in, so somebody went and opened the door, and somebody walked in right behind them, the suspect did. So that happens a lot on this campus. That's where we ask our students, faculty and staff and visitors for that matter to not let anybody in who does not have an ID card to get in," said House.

Faheemud-Deen is facing six charges stemming from the December 7th incident, three of which are felonies: first degree kidnapping, breaking and or entering, and second degree forcible sexual offense. He's being held on a $500,000 bond, and has been ordered to stay off-campus and not contact either of the victims. During his first appearance Tuesday afternoon, he requested to represent himself. Faheemud-Deen is due back in court in January.