Actor Paul Rudd hands out cookies to people waiting to vote in New York City

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Friday, October 30, 2020
Paul Rudd hands out cookies to people waiting in line to vote
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Video courtesy of @Bowl_of_Worcel

BROOKLYN, New York -- Here's something that will make you say "I love you, man."

Actor Paul Rudd had a sweet surprise for voters waiting in line in Brooklyn.

He handed out cookies in the rain to crowds waiting outside Barclays Center Thursday.

Lines for early voting in New York City have been hours long in many cases.

And they weren't just any cookies...they were the uber delicious blueberry and cream ones from popular sweets shop Milk Bar.

A voter took video of the movie star handing out the cookies and saying 'hello' to people.

What a way to say thank you for getting out to the polls!