North Carolina Commissioner of Labor Cherie Berry says she won't run in 2020

RALEIGH -- North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry announced Tuesday that she will not run for a sixth term in 2020, ABC11's newsgathering partners The News & Observer reports.

She made the announcement at a meeting of the NC Council of State.

Berry was sworn in as North Carolina's first female labor commissioner on Jan. 6, 2001.

She was reelected in 2004, 2008 2012, and 2016.

It's nearly impossible to not recognize Berry if you live in the state of North Carolina -- as her face is displayed in every elevator.

Commissioners wrote a song called "Cherry Berry," paying homage to the common mispronunciation of Berry's name which is pronounced "sha-ree."

A shirt made by Raleigh-based company "We Be Raleigh," that read "Cherie Berry lifts me up" went viral when it was released.

Berry also has some restaurants naming drinks in her honor including "Cherie Berry's Elevated Tea" at It's a Southern Thing in Durham.

There's even a parody Twitter account with the handle @elevatorqueen.

Berry embraced the popularity of her name and face using it in a political ad. She doesn't know if the picture or the rhyming name is what stuck with people but says it didn't hurt during her time in office.

"When you think regulatory government agency, you may think, 'don't ever let them near me,'" Berry said. "But, when you can give off the aura you're very friendly and you enjoy what you do, then people want to be around you, and that's worked well."

Berry tweeted Tuesday, "There was a popular 70s song with the lyric 'I'd rather leave while I'm in love,' and that is exactly what I am doing. I love my job but most importantly I love the people of #NC!"