Pooch pirate: Doorbell camera catches dog stealing package from Oklahoma porch

OKLAHOMA -- Porch pirates are a concern for anybody who has online orders delivered to their homes, but one four-legged creature is giving the term a whole other meaning.

One Oklahoma woman found herself the victim of a "pooch pirate."

Debbie Goines checked her door bell camera when someone stole her Christmas gift that her sister sent from California.

When she watched the footage, she saw the thief: a big white dog walked up to her porch and walked off with her package.

Goines says she called her neighbor to see if he found her gift. Turns out it was the neighbor's dog, Max, who couldn't resist the box full of jerky and food.

Max, however, isn't the first furry critter known to target packages left on porches. A sneaky squirrel was caught on camera pilfering an Amazon package from a San Pedro home.

Squirrel pilfers package from San Pedro porch in escapade caught on video
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