Raleigh business focuses on clean beauty

Thursday, August 30, 2018

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Tracey Gori has spent over a decade working the beauty industry.

Her resume includes works as a makeup artist, skin therapist, and, at one time, a retail executive for big-box retailers.

Her dream was to own a beauty boutique of her own. "If you would have asked me five years ago if it would have been a clean beauty boutique I would have laughed and said 'what are you talking about?'" Gori confessed.

In March, Trellis Beauty opened it's doors to the public.

So what is the concept? Well, Gori once admitted she'd once scoffed at clean beauty.

"My clean beauty journey started when I found out as a professional that the laws of the industry that I worked in for so long, as far as regulation, haven't been updated since 1938," Gori said.

Gori said that as many as 1500 ingredients are banned in European beauty products. In the United States, as few as 30 are off limits.

In Trellis Beauty, each item is examined carefully for a variety of things, including ingredients and quality. All of Gori's products are made in America or Canada.

Gori's next goal? More Trellis Beauty's in the Capital City.

"Trellis Beauty is simply a place to shop clean beauty. Where we weed out the bad stuff so you can shop the good stuff," she said.